we love south sudan and its people
so we work with passion in our hearts

We believe Jesus Christ taught us with his life in earth how to be truly sons of God, following his commandments, loving the people and helping the poor and needed whenever it is possible, we are working in South Sudan trying to give the best of us for every person we meet.

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We seek to spread
the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Because we believe humankind needs a savior of their soul.

We care the children
and youth generation

Because in them is and they are the future of South Sudan.

We love to help the communities

Because people in South Sudan has limited economical resources, we promote charitable activities for the benefit of communities.

Our work

We have find out that there is a lot to be done in South Sudan.
Following our mission now we are working on

  • Churches

    Establishing them, in order to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So far, we have established four.

  • Bible training center

    For the preparation of servants of the Lord. In 2019 we have 28 students.

  • Education

    We organize workshops to teach the youth generation of South Sudan and look for school sponsorship, specially for girls.

  • Charitable activities

    Looking for the benefit of communities in need, we also promote social programs.

Do you want to know more of us?

You can visit our blog, or you can contact us at facebook or by email to get more information about us.