About us

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help the people in need

Our history

For a long time God had placed in the heart of the president and founder of Fundación Emmanuel de Guatemala, C.A. Fausto Cebeira, to start a ministry in Africa, knowing a lot about the history of South Sudan and his struggle for independence since its origin in a country with a Muslim regime, now Sudan (North).

With the separation achieved in 2011, Fundación Emmanuel sees the opportunity to carry the gospel of the youngest country in the world South Sudan.

In the year 2012, Fausto Cebeira - President; Miriam Trotzke de Cebeira-Secretary of the Board of Directors and Brother Max R. Vásquez - Executive Director, travel to South Sudan with one objective, to register legally Fundacion Emmanuel de Sudan del Sur to start with the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, in this country conformed with more than 60 tribes, the greater percentage of animistic religion followed by a smaller percentage of Christian religion (Roman Catholic) and at the moment with an evident growth of Muslim religion.

Work begins with local collaborators with whom the headquarters are established and a church that starts with Sunday programs and a special program for children. During this period, periodic visits were made from Guatemala in order to monitor the progress of the work and determine the most pressing needs.

Due to the distance in spite of the supervision visits, it was necessary to send full-time missionaries to structure in a more effective way the evangelistic works for the advancement of God's work.

At the end of 2015, Fundación Emmanuel de Guatemala sent Max Vásquez Jr. as Director of Mission in South Sudan. The formalization and structuring work was then begun to achieve the ministry's objectives.

In June 2016, Max Vasquez Jr. returns to Guatemala in order to marry Lily Pineda de Vásquez both with the call of God and a fervent desire to serve God and neighbor in South Sudan, Africa. Due to the fighting in Juba (Headquarters of our ministry) arising in July 2016, the return of this new couple to Africa was postponed.

Determining that the conflict had ceased and the country had returned to a certain stability, in October of the same year the new couple went together for the first time to this country so in need of the love of God, peace and hope.

So far, thanks to the support of God, the Fundacion Emmanuel de Sudan del Sur has four formal churches, a Bible Institute with 28 students in 2019, a program focused on children and teens where about 900 are attended weekly, a project of school sponsorship especially for girls, among other evangelistic and social programs.

Our vision is to reach many more souls through the planting of churches throughout the country and as well as the establishment of Biblical Studies for the formation of leaders.


To spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in all the nations, as represented in the Holy Scriptures in order to lead as many people as possible to the knowledge of the grace of God.


To promote the advancement of cultural and moral welfare of the communities where FUNDACION EMMANUEL DE SUDAN DEL SUR is represented, as well as to raise the standard and quality of life of said communities.


  • To establish churches for spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • To establish and operate Bible training centers for the preparation of Servants of the Lord.
  • To care and teach the children and youth generation of South Sudan.
  • To promote charitable activities for the benefit of communities.
  • To establish schools on any level of education.
  • Establish libraries, medical clinics and other organizational activities that will help to reach other people to Christ.